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Spike Lee and El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X) are my biggest influences. The way spike lee uses colors, camera shots and movement, hidden gems in the scenes, and satire in his scripts to create proud too full of social commentary while paying homage to Aftican American intellectuals, jazz & blues musician, and athletes epitomizes my idea of being an artist but keeping in mind respect to your culture and the responsibility to use media as an outlet for social commentary. Malcolm X was well posed, articulate, intelligent, and globally aware. Although portrayed as violent and a racist he was socially and culturally aware and chose the pen and speech as his weapon despite the fact he faced nothing but adversity since birth, having his father taken from him by clansman. 

Fred Hampton and  Gordon Parks are the perfect examples of what I can do despite the fact the world and even some people close to me try to limit me. Fred before being wrongfully assassinated at 21 not only unified social activist groups of both genders and multiple ethnicities but also unified gangs of many different racist in different states. Barely an adult Fred unified philanthropist and streets, definitely no question why he was assassinated. Gordon parks successes as a photographer, filmmaker, writer and musician! Not only was he successful in all these avenues but he did it without none of the resources afforded to us today!

People try to limit me saying “oh you can be a photographer, filmmaker, writer, lawyer, and philanthropist, you have to choose one” and my response is simply watch me. I’m not only working towards being doing all these things I’m actually doing them now. So for everyone telling me to get a job and settle, just watch as I live my ambitions while you live in the box. #filmlife #photolife #activistlife #writerlife #thinklife
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Talk Africa: “Subtle Powers”
The global history of superpowers is one fraught with violence, force, war, terror, and imposed ideations of culture, and language. Even now, in modern times, where nations once colonized are now independent nation states, the influence of the past is still present in treaties between states, sanctions against others, and alliances amongst most. When Rwanda blames the French government for the part they played in the Rwandan genocide, the French balk. However, when the British practice racist immigration policies that create increased burdens on former British territories like Nigeria, crickets are heard singing loudly.
Superpowers are not just countries with a super economy, consistently high GDP, and unparalleled infrastructure. No, superpowers are countries that dole out punishments in the international community; they decide whether to abide by UN directives, or whether to adopt international guidelines at all. These are the countries that broker peace treaties, write the fine print, collect resources, and engineer ‘peaceable’ transitions of power in other countries. (read more)