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Egypt is a Greek word meaning “Black.” μαύρος             
• The Egyptians of the Bible were Negroid. • The Bible says both Egyptians and Ethiopians are descendants of Ham. • Arabs invaded Egypt in the 7th Century AD; Remember, Egypt wasn’t invaded by Rome until 300 BC. The Bible dates 4000 BC. • Therefore, Arabs have no more connection to Ancient Egypt than Europeans have to Ancient America. • Egyptian is an Afro-Asiatic language. (AFRO, AFRO) • The national language of modern day Egypt is Egyptian Arabic, which gradually replaced Coptic. (Coptic—Ethiopia) • Black Egyptians were eventually mixed with invading Libyans, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Turks, Arabs and Western Europeans. That is where the mixed people of the modern-day Arabs come from. The following is supporting evidence from The African Origin of Civilization: by: Cheikh Anta Diop Evidence from Physical Anthropology The skeletons and skulls of the Ancient Egyptians clearly reflect they were Negroid people with features very similar to those of modern Black Nubians and other people of the Upper Nile and of East Africa. Melanin Dosage Test Egyptologist Cheikh Anta Diop invented a method for determining the level of melanin in the skin of human beings. When conducted on Egyptian mummies in the Museum of Man in Paris, this test indicated these remains were of Black people. Osteological Evidence "Lepsius canon," which distinguishes the bodily proportions of various racial groups categories the "ideal Egyptian" as "short-armed and of Negroid or Negrito physical type." Evidence From Blood Types Diop notes that even after hundreds of years of inter-mixture with foreign invaders, the blood type of modern Egyptians is the “same group B as the populations of western Africa on the Atlantic seaboard and not the A2 Group characteristic of the white race prior to any crossbreeding.”