Talk Africa: “Subtle Powers”
The global history of superpowers is one fraught with violence, force, war, terror, and imposed ideations of culture, and language. Even now, in modern times, where nations once colonized are now independent nation states, the influence of the past is still present in treaties between states, sanctions against others, and alliances amongst most. When Rwanda blames the French government for the part they played in the Rwandan genocide, the French balk. However, when the British practice racist immigration policies that create increased burdens on former British territories like Nigeria, crickets are heard singing loudly.
Superpowers are not just countries with a super economy, consistently high GDP, and unparalleled infrastructure. No, superpowers are countries that dole out punishments in the international community; they decide whether to abide by UN directives, or whether to adopt international guidelines at all. These are the countries that broker peace treaties, write the fine print, collect resources, and engineer ‘peaceable’ transitions of power in other countries. (read more)